Wind turbines with double wing profile. A truly innovative patented system!

Simple Assembly

Simple installation – subsequence maintenance not required

Savings on your electric bill

Short time returns of investment

Contributing to environment

Provides alternative and sustainable energy


Simple administrative procedures

Our current product follows the vertical axis wind turbine design.

It features three of our patented non-twisted double blades arranged around the vertical axis. The blades are positioned strategically forming a channel to deflect and distribute the wind flow which creates an energy advantage that increases the overall performance.

The micro-wind turbine was engineered to produce electricity even in urban locations or in areas with low or infrequent wind quality.

  • DB 500

  • briareo DB 500

    • Reated power: 500 W
    • Start wind speed: 2 m/s
    • Overall weight: 36 kg
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  • DB 500L

  • briareo db 500L/1000

    • Reated power: 500 W
    • Start wind speed: 2 m/s
    • Overall weight: 54 kg
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  • DB 1000

  • briareo db 500L/1000

    • Reated power: 1000 W
    • Start wind speed: 2 m/s
    • Overall weight: 54 kg
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Happy Customers

We compliment this product which is difficult to consolidate. If we consider the value for humanity, I just think you have done a miracle. Go Italy!

Antonio e Daniela

A microturbine that begins to produce already to 4 m / s, which is the speed of a bicycle to walk. I like it because it is a reality and an Italian technology. I like it because the production is made in Italy and why below 1000 W there is no need for complex permissions to install it.

Gianni Girotto


Excellence among the Italian companies in the field of renewable energies, which stands out among all for its outstanding innovative component

Daniele Rocchi