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Briareo project was born from the collaboration of two industrial companies, Arken SpA and Gymnotus sas, and focuses on the research, design and industrial development of an innovative vertical axis micro-wind turbine which can produce power even at low wind speeds with high power efficiency.

Briareo srl an Arken Group Company

Arken Spa was born in 1993 with the first patented furniture system becoming today a leading manufacturer of modular furniture for shops. Its efforts have been focused on innovative research and original solutions enabling us to compete, in domestic and international markets, with success, during all these years.

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  • Finalist Horizon 2020
  • Finalist Premio #Nati Per_ Axa Assicurazioni
  • Eban_ SEWA Italy 2016
  • EEN_ SEWA Italy 2016


  • No. 102015000009101: Wind Turbine with a series of blades pairs with air flow deviation channel.
  • N ° 402016000115365: Patent Application for Pattern Application. Presentation of three microturbine models.

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